Volito is a privately owned investment group headquartered in Malmö.

Volito is a privately owned investment group headquartered in Malmö. The business was founded in 1991 with an initial focus on aircraft leasing. After achieving rapid early success, Volito broadened its activities and started to expand.

Today, Volito is a strong, growth-oriented group based on a balanced approach to risk-taking and a long-term perspective. The Group’s activities are divided into three diversified business areas: Real Estate, Industry and Listed Holdings, areas that develop their own business units, business segments and subsidiaries.

Business Area Real Estate consists of Volito Fastigheter, which owns and manages commercial properties in the Malmö region. The business is characterised by a long-term approach, efficient property management, a high level of service and close relations with customers and partners. Volito Fastigheter has continuously developed its portfolio in order to strengthen its presence in the Malmö region’s most attractive areas. The company’s aims include positioning Volito Fastigheter as one of Malmö’s most well-known real estate companies and the best in terms of property management and customer relations.

Business Area Industry starts up, acquires and develops industry-related businesses. Today, Business Area Industry consists of Volito Automation, a rapidly growing organisation focused on knowledge-intensive companies in industrial automation. In a short time, Volito Automation has established a well-reputed business in Sweden, Finland and Norway composed of multiple subsidiaries in hydraulic solutions.

Volito Automation stands ready to start up further automation-oriented businesses in areas such as pneumatics, electronics, control and regulation technology, and robotics.

Within Business Area Listed Holdings, Volito has significant and active ownership interests in listed companies. Volito has an ownership philosophy of engagement aimed at stable, long-term growth, and the Group is represented on the companies’ respective boards. Today, the business area consists of holdings in Peab AB and Bulten AB. Peab AB is one the leading construction and civil engineering companies in the Nordic countries. Volito is one of the company’s largest owners. Bulten AB is one of the largest suppliers of fasteners to the European automotive industry. Volito is the largest owner of Bulten AB.


Volito Automation starts collaboration with Bosch Rexroth

Bosch Rexroth has named Volito Automation as a new partner in Sweden. The collaboration means that HydX, HydSupply, PF Hydraulik and Hydratech considerably strengthen their offering with both high-quality components and unique expertise from one of the world’s most respected suppliers.

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Front row, from left: Lennart Blecher, Board Member. Karl-Axel Granlund, Chairman of the Board. Ulf Liljedahl, President and CEO. Back row, from left: Karl-Fredrik Granlund, Board Member. Peter Granlund, Board Member. Axel Granlund, Board Member.


From left: Thomas Larsson (CEO, Volito Automation), Fredrik Molested (CFO, Volito AB), Pelle Hammarström (CEO, Volito Fastigheter), Ulf Liljedahl (President and CEO, Volito AB)

Social responsibility

For over twenty years, the Volito Group has built its business relationships and its operations on a number of shared and uncompromising pillars. For us, the road to success is built through lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. We base every decision and every action on longevity and a strong sense of responsibility. Our solid reputation is our strongest asset.

Through the years, we have been fortunate to achieve great success. With the same fundamental pillars as in our operations, we try to give back to the community in a number of different ways, such as by supporting entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, sponsoring young athletes, and helping at-risk individuals influence their own future.